Why should I use Reach

Reach is the perfect tool for expanding your network. The people around you hold the key to your success, and Reach can help you find those people faster. Reach is also a fantastic way to get out there and find events in your area. Show the world how amazing you are!

Do I need a LinkedIn account to sign up?

No. Using your LinkedIn to log-in will auto-populate your Reach profile by mirroring your LinkedIn profile. You can also use Facebook! Prefer to use a more compact or customized profile specifically for the Reach community? No problem, just sign-in with your email and create a unique profile to your liking.

Either option is a great way to market yourself, it all depends on your preference.

Does my location update everywhere I go?

No, other users will only see your location from when you last used the app. You also have the ability to Log Out at any time in Settings if you’d like.

Why register to events through Reach?

Well, to start, it’s fast, easy and convenient to find events in your area. But beyond that, Reach allows you to pre-screen attendees at events once you’ve signed up. What does that mean exactly? That means that you can learn about the other people attending the event and

1) never be alone at an event,

2) make much better use of your time at the event by connecting with the right people and

3) keep in touch with the folks you enjoyed meeting at the event.

Why should I sync with LinkedIn

Syncing with Linkedin automatically builds you a professional profile with: picture, first & last name, title, career overview and current position.

I updated my LinkedIn profile but my Reach profile isn't updating

Easy fix! Go into your Settings and “unsync” with Linkedin, then “sync” with Linkedin again and it will pull all your updated information. We did this on purpose to avoid erasing any specific changes you had previously made to your profile.

Why should I sync with Twitter

Syncing with Twitter allows other users to view your latest tweet (and feed if they click for more). This is especially handy at events to see what people are thinking.

Why should I sync with Facebook

If you don’t have a Linkedin account, we suggest signing in with Facebook. This will automatically build your profile with: picture, first & last name and current position.

It also allows you to view “Insights” which are common interests between yourself and other users that have synced with Facebook. Very handy when looking for a great way to connect with someone. “Oh! I noticed that you liked Madonna as well!”.

Why should I sync with Evenbrite?

Syncing with Eventbrite allows you to register to events in the Events screen in 1 click. It will also show your contacts (note: not any user) which upcoming event you will be attending. Perfect for joining friends and colleagues at an event.

How do I find Nearby professionals?

Login and open the “nearby” tab. If you’re having problems finding professional in your area, that might be because you’re one of the first in your area to join Reach! Please share the app with your friends and colleagues.
Either option is a great way to market yourself, it all depends on your preference.

How do I narrow down my search to find specific people?

Use the search bar to search for any keywords or tags that are within profiles. Results will display according to their proximity to you, starting with closest.

How does Reaching Out work?

Once you’ve found someone that you’d like to meet or discuss with, simply tap “Reach Out” at the bottom of their profile. Once they have approved your request, you can begin discussing using Reach’s safe & secure instant messaging platform.

What happens if someone is abusing Reach's Terms & Conditions?

It’s an unfortunate reality that amongst droves of amazing users and connections you may come across a connection that is not a fit anymore or is not complying by Reach’s community etiquette. We recommend and appreciate you reporting this person immediately as well as deleting them from your contacts.


I previously signed in with my LinkedIn account and now I can't use e-mail

This problem occurs when the email associated to your Linkedin account is the same as the email address you are using. Unfortunately, you must either log in through Linkedin or sign up with another email!

My app is crashing or breaking

Oh no! Let us fix that for you immediately. On your Reach Profile, click the Settings icon, and then Live Support. Please explain to us how you were using the app when the issue occurred and send as many details as possible. Thanks!

My profile image is uploading sideways

You must be using Android! In this case, it’s because you are taking a picture in portrait-orientation. Try taking the picture in landscape-orientation and it should appear correctly.

Error Message: 'Unable to get data from LinkedIn'

This is a very easy fix. Please go to:

Linkedin.com > Privacy & Settings > Groups, Companies & Applications > View your applications

and enable Reach.