Commentary: Learn to Love Networking

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Original article: Learn to Love Networking by Tiziana Casciaro, Francesca Gino and Maryam Kouchaki Francesca and her colleagues nail it on the head in this fantastic article. Our research has uncovered similar findings, a few of which I’d like to add. How can I help you? In a recent study we performed of 120 professionals from the Greater Toronto Area, participants …


Toronto Events within Reach: May 2-7

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Hey GTA’ers. We’ve hand selected our favourite events happening next week for you to make new connections!   Networking isn’t always easy; everyone has their very own preferences and comforts. that’s why we’ve selected events varying in size, topics and seriousness for you to choose from. Still a networking newbie? A  little bit of guts and charisma go a long …


Leaders Within Reach: Johnny Chauvet

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MEET JOHNNY I’m the Design & User Experience Lead at TribalScale, which delivers innovative software solutions for mobile, IoT, and all sorts of connected devices. I’m obsessed with technology’s impact on our everyday lives, and I use design as a means to empower and delight those who embrace it, as well as encourage and inspire those who don’t. WHAT ARE …


Leaders Within Reach: Jonathan Holtby

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MEET JONATHAN Jonathan Holtby is the founder of tack, which is an advanced artificial intelligence that’s running a hiring community for the tech industry in Toronto and Kitchener-Waterloo. When people ask, he just says “tech founder”. Jonathan’s lived and worked in Australia, Canada, America, England, and the UAE, and has a Master of Communications degree. WHAT ARE YOU WORKING ON …


Leaders Within Reach: Nicole Millward

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Meet Nicole Nicole leads Business Development and Operations at BrainStation, a progressive technology institution that is powering the next generation with digital skills. She has previously worked in the world of non-profits in both Canada and Latin America. She is passionate about tech, science, and international development. What are you working on right now? Currently I’m managing Business Development at …


Bringing back the handshake – Why virtual networking isn’t enough.

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— Estimated reading time: 6 minutes In today’s digital age we have the ability to complete many tasks without interacting in person. Face-to-face networking is less practised as we gain the ability to make professional connections on social platforms like LinkedIn. According to Time Inc., a report from the social discovery site Badoo revealed that 39% of Americans spend more …

App Update: Events

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Hard at work to build you a better Reach! We released an update today with major improvements to events and the explore screen. Now you can: FIND THE PERFECT EVENT There’s no better way to leverage your experience and talent than by meeting the people in your local community. Reach is a great tool for finding professional events to network at. But …

App Update: Profiles

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  Hi! My name is Steph Bigue, and I joined the Reach team full-time as our product manager 2 months ago. My job is to build you the best app possible. That’s why I’m excited to share some great news with you: We released an update today with major improvements to the profiles, design and overall stability of the app. You’ve …

Nothing Beats Face-to-Face

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Nothing beats the power of a truly personal, face-to-face connection. These days, we’re nearly all advocates of one form of social media or another. But regardless of need or frequency for social media to be integrated in our professional lives, we can’t evade being wired over millennia to interact face-to-face. And we shouldn’t forget that. As much as I enjoy …

Your Vision vs Their Vision

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I often reflect on a certain milestone, event or holiday and am blown away by the ideas, experiences and people who have come in and out of my life since then. The idea for Reach came to me while standing in line at a sandwich shop in Toronto a few years back (read more here: I met someone in …